Monday, April 22, 2013

A lazy day

An excellent weekend and now back to square one...Monday
But then this Monday is different..Not one of those Mondays in childhood when I could hang out with friends with no consideration for what was happening around..not one of those Mondays when I was a student listening to lectures..and not one when I used to rush to office as an employee staring at the long week ahead...
This Monday, I feel so jobless..Nothing to do...Got up at 11 to start with...had breakfast....Tried to sleep again, but couldn't, probably there is a ceiling for the number of hours a person can sleep in a day..
Checked mobile for messages and missed calls..Ya there were two each, all from the service provider..
Checked whatsapp -nothing there
Facebook - no nothing there too
Any emails - no, no and no respectively for my gmail, yahoo and hotmail ids..
Ok..leave all that...anything in my fake accounts - nothing there as well
Ok back to mobile - nothing there again..
Any events in town listed in newspaper - no nothing
Any new movies - I knew it was a excepted on any given day except a Friday..
Just moved to balcony....Wanted to check if someone was around in the neighborhood...All doors closed, no sign of any movement except in the NH..Even the trees seem dead...
Back in room...almost done with this post..still nothing to do....
Everyone around seems one is around...friends are getting busy with life..most a phase or two ahead in their stage of life compared to me..and here I am..Don't know how many get this privilege this late in their life...Getting up late on a Monday morning....staying lazy and listening to music with no thoughts of work or office..
Sort of an 'I am legend' - Will Smith situation...except for the dog..Am I feeling good or bad or am I going nuts...Don't know..Seems I am the only one here in town..Alive!!!

How can two days in a week be this different!!!